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This IT consulting firm needed an educational document that explained what they do and the value they bring to a business.


Many business owners have a hard time choosing IT support because they don't understand the behind-the-scenes of how it serves their business. Many also see themselves as "not a computer person." They can be both intimidated to ask questions and unsure of what questions to ask.

This firm needed a way to explain what IT support is and how businesses benefit from working with an IT consulting firm -- all in plain, non-techy language.


An easy-to-read and understand document that explains the benefits of IT consulting. It serves as the first step in the sales process by educating the prospect. In addition, the guide acts as a lead generation tool: Appearing on the home page, visitors to the site had to give their e-mail address to be able to download the free document, helping to build the firm's e-mail list.

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