"I first started working with Nanci over a year ago. At first like anyone I was very intimidated by working with a personal trainer. I have serious back problems and had gained 55 lbs after giving birth to my son. Working with Nanci was not only fun but her wonderful attitude really made me feel I could achieve my goals of losing weight but more importantly feeling healthy.
Nanci is extremely knowledgeable and was able to customize my workout due to my back issues, which was something I was very concerned with working with a trainer. Nanci is always available via phone, email, and in person for any questions.
I am so glad I chose to work with her above any other trainer; she is outgoing, motivational and truly understanding. I would absolutely recommend working with Nanci to anyone who wants to feel better about themselves and feel healthy.
In just a few months I have lost weight and inches all over. I am stronger than I have ever been. I have not had to rely on any of my pain medications which has been the greatest blessing of all. My friends and family are absolutely amazed at the difference in my physical strength as well as image, and my mentality. More importantly for me I feel good about myself again. I could never have achieved my goals without Nanci and her endless positivity. I urge everyone that if you're looking to feel good inside and out, don't hesitate or be intimidated. Work with her and you'll reach your goals in no time."
                                                                                    - Beth

"Nanci came highly recommended and I can see why. Nanci has worked  to help me get closer to my goals. She has individualized workouts suited just to my needs and concerns.  I was skeptical at first but in this short time I have already seen remarkable results. Along with weight loss, I have gained strength and stamina, and am able to perform many tasks far more easily than before Nanci's influence. People have made comments on how much better I look, and I can feel the difference. At a recent wedding I attended, I was not at all afraid to get out on the dance floor and tear it up, which would not have happened prior to having Nanci as my trainer!


Nanci is accommodating and gentle in her approach, but at the same time is demanding and very encouraging. Her personal style makes me want to do better, and to try harder. When I say, "No, I can't," Nanci says, "I know you can!" And when I try, I find out she's right! The support she offers is amazing.


I now also highly recommend Nanci to anyone who wishes to see physical improvements as well as enhanced self confidence."

                                                                                     - Shirley

"I love working with Nanci.  She comes to our sessions armed with a clear plan, an upbeat outlook, a great sense of humor, and a focus on helping me achieve my personal goals.  She challenges me to go beyond my comfort zone, but in a way that's safe, motivating, and incredibly effective.  In fact, an injury that has been plaguing me for 15 years that I've seen numerous physical therapists to try to address finally started to improve after only just a few sessions with Nanci.  Each session builds on the one before, and she gives me enough new exercises each time we meet to keep me engaged and to give me motivation to continue pushing myself on my own when I'm at the gym without her.  As someone who has always considered myself to be physically weak, I'm so grateful to finally feel like I'm getting stronger, and I feel confident and cheerful after a session with Nanci."


                                                                                            - Jennie

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