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Unforgettable, high-energy, motivational and educational sessions without the boring lecture

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Practical tools, step-by-step processes and creative strategies to get results

BONUS: Your audience gets moving, raising your event energy high!

Ideal for Nanci's Sessions: Conferences, Trade Shows, Health & Wellness Events, Fitness Events, Weight Loss Meetings, Personal Development Sessions, Small Business Events, In-House Company Workshops, Company Lunch & Learns

Speaking Topics

No More New Year's Resolutions: 5 Keys to Permanent Fitness Success

Year after year, the #1 New Year's resolution made is some version of: get healthy/lose weight/eat healthy.  Year after year, those resolutions get forgotten by February.

Nanci talks about why we give up so quickly on resolutions -- even when we really want to achieve them.  Combining her study of habits with her real life experience training and coaching people to achieve fitness goals, Nanci gives you her proven system for mapping out the path to a fitness lifestyle -- and staying on track.


Put these Nanci's rules into practice and you'll never again have to make another New Year's resolution to "get in shape."

Best Audiences:

  • General Public

  • Your Employees

  • Weight Loss Groups

  • Personal Development Groups

What You'll Learn:

  • How to make fitness a lifestyle, not an annual "wish"

  • 5 keys to help you implement and master your fitness routine

  • Nanci's #1 strategy for avoiding temptation and using "willpower"

Emloyee Engagement: What's Good for Them is Good for You

Let's face it: the days of working for one company, putting in 25 years or more and retiring with a gold watch are long behind us.  That sense of loyalty and permanence kept employees performing at a high level and provided a sense of connection to the company.


So how does a business get their employees to feel that same connection when job stability isn't what it once was?  How does a business improve Call it "wellness," call it "health and fitness"...any way you slice it, you will benefit from implementing a company program to address your employees' physical and mental well-being.

Want to save money due to low productivity and employee sick days?  You will.  You'll reap benefits that will make it easier for you to run your business -- profitably.

Don't be afraid: Wellness isn't "woo-woo" or new age-y.  It's backed by research.  It's a rock solid, practical element of some of the most successful businesses.  


Does it mean you have to install a full-fledged fitness center in your location?  No.  What it does mean is that a few customized, well-thought-out and even not-too-costly ideas could improve your bottom line.

Anybody want to improve their bottom line?

Best Audiences:

  • Business Owners

  • HR Managers

  • Benefits Managers

  • CFOs and Finance Managers

What You'll Learn:

  • What is "Engagement'?

  • Why Investing in Engagement is Worth It -- and the ROI to Prove It

  • How to get your employees to 

  • How to improve the value and performance of your business by investing in your #1 asset: people 

  • What are the top areas you can see improvement in your business


  • My #1 method for getting your staff to participate in company programs

The Glinda Principle: Transforming Your Body & Life and Getting What You Want


Looking for a wizard and some magic (or a miracle) to realize your dream body (or dream career or dream life)?  Dorothy headed to the Emerald City -- but when you follow the "The Glinda Principle" you realize you don't need a wizard.


In this fun presentation that will produce one light-bulb-moment after another, Nanci shows you how to get what you want -- without relying on magic or wishing.  You'll learn how to achieve fitness goals, and improve health by using creative and empowering techniques that can be applied to enhance all areas of life: mind, body and spirit.

Best Audiences:

  • General Public

  • Your Employees

What You'll Learn:

  • Where to look to get what you want

  • Why outside resources 

  • How to stop wishing that things will improve in your life and how to make it happen!

Fitness Foundations: Get the Basics

"I don't have time."  "I don't know what exercises to do."  "I get overwhelmed when I get to the grocery store."

There is so much information available on how to exercise, eat healthy and get in shape.  In fact, that may be the problem: Information overload causes us to be unsure of what information to pay attention to and what to let pass.

In this session, Nanci delivers the basics: Tools to help your employees make decisions that not only impact their health, but their family's -- and the health of your business, too.

You benefit:  Not only do you get a stronger, healthier staff, but they also learn discipline, dedication, goal-setting and perseverance until results are achieved.

That's a workforce any business would want.

*This session requires movement and participation in light physical activity.  Attendees should dress in comfortable clothing and be prepared to move!

Best Audiences:

  • Your Employees

What You'll Learn:

  • Basic Exercise Principles

  • Basic Nutrition Principles to Support Your Health & Fitness Goals

  • Exercises that can be done at home with little or no equipment so you can start reaching your fitness goals starting today

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