Give Your Attendees an Inspiring and

Transformational Experience!

"That was catalytic!"

What do you want your audience to feel?

What do you want your audience to do?

Fun.  High-Energy.


Moving.  Insightful.


Rev up your event with Nanci's high-energy, interactive sessions

that move your audience to take action!


Stories, humor, moving insights, and experience are the tools Nanci uses to connect with your audience, delivering a message of health, fitness and wellness success.

Whether you're a corporation, industry association, wellness advocate or event planner who's looking for  something fresh and different, you'll be excited by Nanci's sessions.  Instead of the same 'ol boring presentations and lectures, Nanci delivers an exhilarating experience that keeps your audience engaged and empowers them to take real action.​

After a session with Nanci, your attendees will:

After a session with Nanci, your attendees will:

  • Feel motivated and inspired to start controlling their weight, health and well-being

  • Learn Nanci's #1 method for staying motivated and on track so they achieve their goals -- and learn how to apply it to other areas of life

  • Learn foundational tools to create a plan -- that day! -- to get them to their health and wellness goals

  • Learn the key to making fitness a lifestyle, not a short-term fad

  • Understand they have the power to make the changes they want in their lives

  • Learn how to set realistic, achievable goals that get results

  • Learn the 3 components to creating a lasting healthy lifestyle

  • Get "pumped up" and feel upbeat and positive for the rest of your day-long or multi-day event

  • And much more