Look great on your wedding day

Feel sexy and confident on your honeymoon

Love how you look in your wedding pictures

Picture Perfect Bride

No "Do-Overs"

You're only going to do this once, right?  So let's make sure you have no regrets.

You want to feel confident that you look absolutely amazing on the one day when all eyes will be on you.

Wanna know a secret?

If you feel that you want to lose weight or look better in your gown,

that feeling isn't going to just go away on its own.

It's going to nag at you until you do something about it.


I know: You're putting off shopping for your gown because you want to lose some weight first.  Or you want to get rid of your flabby arms.  Or you want flat abs.

Then add that you may have tried in the past to lose weight, but weren't successful.  Or that you feel overwhelmed by what you want to accomplish and you just don't know where to start.  Or that you don't know whether you should focus on diet or exercise (yes, it's both).  And the countdown calendar keeps reminding you that you're one day closer to "The Big Day."

You know what you want...so, let me ask you: what's your plan?


 How will you lose the weight?  How will you get those lean beautiful arms you're dreaming of?  How will yo get that sexy back that you want to show off in your dress?

If you want success, you're going to need a plan that works. And that's exactly what I can give you.

Here's What You'll Get When You Work With Me:

Enroll in this All-About-You-and-Your-Big-Day program, and you'll:

     Get the body you envision for your Wedding Day

Your own personalized fitness program, customized to your goals, your wedding date and your lifestyle, to get the results you want.

You'll have fun while working hard on a program that kicks your butt and gets you looking and feeling sexy, strong and AMAZING!

     Stick to the program -- no quitting!

My clients tell me they don't push themselves as hard when they work out without me.  They like having someone to "report to": it helps them stay on track and they lose weight.  I want to see you succeed.  So, in addition to your workouts, we'll check your weight, you'll get tips and food suggestions and more to keep it interesting and keep you moving toward getting the body you want.

     Get answers so you keep making progress

Go ahead, e-mail me every day: Ask me questions, get support or just tell me how awesome you are because you worked out even though you just wanted to sit on the couch and binge-watch Say Yes to the Dress.  (Woo-hoo!  Go you!)


     Identify specific goals, instead of saying vague statements like, "I want to lose weight"

     Create a clear plan so you can achieve your goals by your Wedding Day

     Discover my favorite trick to use whenever you feel tempted to go off-track with your exercise or diet

     Learn how to shop for healthy foods at the supermarket

     Start confidently putting together healthy meals that taste awesome!

     Stop the yo-yo dieting

     Develop and strengthen your "will power" and ability to overcome food temptation

     Say goodbye to the annual New Year's Resolution to "get in shape" -- and finally GET IN SHAPE!

     Get motivation, surprises and have fun along the way to looking gorgeous!

     Feel like the most gorgeous woman on Earth in the wedding gown of your dreams!

"Along with weight loss, I have gained strength and stamina, and am able to perform many tasks far more easily than before Nanci's influence. People have made comments on how much better I look, and I can feel the difference."

                                              -- Shirley

What's one of the most important aspects of your wedding?

That you look AMAZING, right?

You're the bride.  You're the star of the show.  You deserve to look your absolute best when you're the focus of attention of all your family and friends -- and the one you love.

Don't wait until the last minute to make sure you look unforgettable on your wedding day!

You can lose weight and look the way you dream of on your wedding day -- so let's talk.