Jane Fonda changed my life.

No, seriously.


At a low point -- depression, working at my first real job out of college (which lead nowhere and paid almost nothing), physically out of shape, mentally beat-up -- I started eating to feel good.  Nanci's Insider Tip #1: That works for about two minutes. Then you feel like crap for hours afterwards.


I started doing Jane Fonda's Complete Workout to get in shape.  After work.  Saturday mornings.  Whenever I could.


Were my roommates sick of hearing the class' every "Woo-hoo!" and "Feel the burn!"?


You bet your sweet bippy.


But I was on a roll.  I was making changes happen and I was transforming my body and mind.


That's why I know fitness is about so much more than how you look:

  • I know how it helps your attitude.  Your mindset.  Your perspective.

  • I know how it changes the way you see yourself and feel about yourself.

  • I know how it helps improve your health, your level of energy and focus, your job performance and your enthusiasm for life.

What I know from my own experience, my experience training others to transform their bodies, and my own research on motivation and creating habits and the positive impact of fitness on all areas of your life:

When you make the decision about what it means to you -- you will find a way and achieve your fitness goals and get fit and strong.

And getting physically fit and strong gets you mentally fit and strong.

And what can you do when you're mentally fit and strong?

Whatever. You. Want.

It can be kinda hard to make changes.

But it's not as hard as living in a body with limitations that makes you feel like

you're not at your best.