Most people think they know how to exercise and eat right, yet statistics prove them wrong.  We have more information about health and fitness than ever before -- yet obesity, diabetes and other conditions are higher than ever before.  The result: Businesses suffer with absenteeism, lower productivity, higher health care costs and more.

In this educational and motivational presentation, Nanci goes back-to-basics to teach your audience the foundations of exercise and a healthy diet.  She'll teach how to set goals they can achieve, hoe to create a plan for achieving those goals, and the secret to having the mindset to be able to stick to the plan, especially when inevitable roadblocks and temptations arise.

The outcome: Your audience will be able to confidently make choices that will help them transform their lifestyle, creating overall well-being and also improving other areas of their lives.

Format:         Lunch & Learn (1 hour)

Location:      Your business location


Perfect For:  All staff at all levels, including Administrative & Clerical, Sales, Marketing, Creative Teams, IT, Customer Relations, Executives




Get Ready to Learn:


  • How to develop the mindset for making change and creating success

  • How to create goals that you can achieve

  • Which is more important: diet or exercise?

  • The “secret” to speeding up weight loss

  • How to fight temptation and stick to your plan

  • Supermarket Success 101: How to buy healthy food without getting overwhelmed at the store

  • How to put together quick meals that taste great

  • Pearson's Law: Critical to your success


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