Everyone wants to be happy.  That means different things to different people, but we all know we want it.  Some people seem to have it naturally, while others seem to always be searching for happiness.  So the question is: How do we "get happy"?  Is it something we can actually change about ourselves?  And is striving and focusing on being happy the best way to achieve happiness?

In this session filled with "A-ha" moments and new insights, Nanci will guide your audience on the path to achieving an increased level of happiness.  From first understanding what happiness is, to identifying what makes you happy (which may not be as obvious as it seems), to developing strategies for increasing happiness, and then applying it to both your personal life and at work. 

Your audience will experience breakthroughs by learning the science behind happiness and by participating in practical activities.  They'll learn why happiness is important and why it's about much more than just "feeling good."  They'll get excited about new insights and go home with real actionable tasks to help them achieve happiness and well-being in their personal life and in their career.


Get Ready to:


  • Learn what happiness is - and what it isn't

  • Discover why happiness matters - and not just because "happiness feels good"

  • Understand the power of social connections and the importance of empathy

  • Discover what mindfulness is and how to use it for building resilience to stress

  • Practice proven strategies for increasing your happiness and fostering positive emotions such as gratitude

  • Examine the benefits of cultivating happiness at work, both individually and for your organization

  • Understand how health and fitness fit into your happiness


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