Nanci Gentile delivers high-energy, interactive keynotes and training that challenge old ways of thinking about the workplace and transform thoughts and behavior into personal and professional growth.  She teaches new ideas that help your business create a more engaged workforce and cultivate a culture that embraces the skills that are necessary for your business to compete successfully in the 21st century.

Nanci helps organizations improve by focusing on its people.  While working in fitness, she learned first-hand about motivation and how to influence behavior.  She taught people how to succeed when they were struggling to achieve their goals.  Nanci knows that when people improve their physical well-being, their mental well-being improves.  They get happier.  And that happiness translates to improvements in other areas of their lives.  Nanci has the research that backs it up.

Taking from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, habit formation, and her own experience with human behavior and motivation, Nanci teaches strategies that get people to make lasting change in their mindset – and how to apply it to the workplace for career success and to improve organization performance.

Nanci has a degree in Communications and Writing, with a specialization in Theatre – that means: “Bye-Bye Boring Lectures.”  Your training sessions and events become an experience that your attendees will remember.  They’ll take away real strategies for taking action and getting results.  With stories and music, research and case studies, inspiration and cheers, Nanci gives your attendees the tools to transform.  No cookie-cutter solutions; she works with you to create the experience that addresses your challenges and meets your goals for your organization or event.