No wizard required.


Dorothy thought she couldn't get home to Kansas without help from Glinda and the Wizard.  How many times have you wanted something and thought you couldn't have it because you needed someone else to make it happen: Someone has to hire you for that perfect job.  So-&-so has to approve before you embark on your new path.  Some expert has to reassure you that you "have what it takes" to make a radical transformation in your life.  Worse yet: You think that having the life you want is a dream that was meant for some people - but not you.  And you resign yourself to complaining about the boss and your co-workers and your body and the responsibilities around the house and wishing things would be better.

In this enlightening and fun talk, Nanci will show you that you don't need to wait for magic or a miracle to get what you want.  You'll learn how to identify how you're giving up your power to make lasting change.  You'll learn the science behind how to get your brain to help you make change, and how to make new habits.  You'll learn the concepts and tools to start identifying what you really want, claiming your power, and making your dreams a reality.

Through interactive activities and research, your attendees will experience breakthroughs and get clear about the what they want and how they can get it.  They'll get moving and laugh and leave the session feeling empowered to make the changes they want to see in their lives.

 Get Ready to:


  • Identify what you really want and how to set goals for achieving it

  • Learn new ways to think about getting what you want without relying on wishing and hoping

  • Understand how your thoughts get in your way -- and how you can trick your brain into helping you instead of holding you back

  • See why you need to improve employee engagement to build a culture of committed employees

  • Identify potential barriers to achieving happiness and well-being at work


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