Your organization is only as good as the people in it, and the culture that supports their success.  You can't just count on your employees to come and give their best every day - it's not enough.  Common "culture issues" frustrate business owners and managers in every industry: From employee turnover, and the costs that go along with it; staff who don't "live" your brand, and deliver it with each and every customer interaction; teams that don't collaborate as well as they could; lack of creativity or innovation among employees; petty issues and conflicts that take up your valuable time; and more.  No area of your operations can reach its goals when your workplace doesn't cultivate a culture of positivity and success.


Successful 21st century workplaces focus on ensuring their employees are engaged, committed and feel supported in their work.  New research proves that leaders and organizations that recognize the benefits of a positive culture of happiness, engagement and well-being are more successful.

Nanci will teach your audience new science-backed strategies to create an environment that transforms their organization's people and culture so they reach or surpass goals, and see improved results.

Through interactive activities, research, and case studies from organizations you know, your audience will experience breakthroughs and get energized about the real actions they can take away to improve employee retention rates, team spirit, team collaboration, innovation and creativity, customer experience and loyalty.  A must for all managers who want new ways to improve staff performance.

Format:        Keynote

Location:      Your event


 Get Ready to:


  • Understand why happiness in your workplace matters

  • Learn 7 bottom-line-improving benefits to creating a positive workplace culture

  • Learn research-based strategies for increasing happiness in the workplace

  • See why you need to improve employee engagement to build a culture of committed employees

  • Learn 5 ways to improve employee engagement

  • Identify potential barriers to achieving happiness and well-being at work

  • Explore 3 “woo-woo” topics that organizations with a happy, positive culture all depend on

  • Learn how to fight stress and burnout

  • Understand how to communicate your brand to employees – and ensure they communicate it to customers

  • Learn new ways to think about your hiring process so you select people who will be a good fit


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