FitStrongHappy Program

I don't care how many times you've tried and failed in the past to get in shape.


I don't care how much you love desserts and fried food, or even how much you hate exercise.


I will show you how to get fit and still enjoy yourself.


How?  I've been doing it for over 25 years.  I know what works.


I've built my fitness programs on real-life experience training women to get fit -- and living it myself: learning, tweaking, customizing strategies day-to-day.

This program is for you if:

  • You want a custom program created just for you, with tons of personal attention

  • You're seriously DONE with repeating the same ol' New Year's Resolutions and promises to yourself

  • You're SICK of scrambling to look good before summer/vacation/wedding/reunion/big first date -- whatever special occasion pops up

  • You think your weight might be holding you back in relationships or your career

  • You want to get - and stay - strong

  • You want to feel the confidence and strength that comes from working hard and achieving a goal

We start with a Vision Session

OK...What the heck is a "Vision Session?"

The Vision Session is my exclusive program component, where we set the foundation for your success.  We get down to the nitty-gritty: Why do you want to get in shape?  Not just "I want to be healthy."  Sure, everyone wants that.  But what's the real reason pushing you to act now?

"I saw pictures of myself and was shocked.  I didn't realize that's how I really look."

"I used to be in shape and I feel like I let myself go."

"I want to get back to being me."

So we talk.  Sometimes it gets a little personal.  It can be very emotional talking about how you feel about your body and your weight.  You may never have told anyone or said it out loud.

But your emotions and your goals are safe with me.  Everything we talk about or do is confidential.   My clients are kinda relieved to express themselves and get their true feelings out in the open.  (Many have said "Nanci, you should be a therapist!")  And once you've put it out there -- the thing you really want for yourself -- you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to stay on track to reach your fitness goals.

What My FitStrongHappy Program Will Do For You

Enroll in this customized all-about-you program and you'll get:

  • A Custom-Made-for-You Fitness Program:

12-week individualized, focused-on-you-and-what-you-want, fitness program that gets you to your goals.

I come to you for our weekly training session.  I'll also send you the custom workout that you'll follow on your own.  No more wondering what exercise to do, how many, what order, etc.

  • A Confidential Vision Session: 

My exclusive program foundation where we discuss what you really want and how we're going to get you there.

  • Personalized Attention:

Belong to a gym?  Your program will work in any gym with standard equipment.  No gym?  Don't worry...I'll create a workout that'll kick your butt at home, too.

  • Support:

You'll get unlimited e-mails so you can ask me questions, get advice or just brag that you passed up the office doughnut tray that morning (yes, we celebrate the big victories!)

  • Meal suggestions*:

Recipes, grocery shopping ideas, meal prep tips

  • Motivation, inspiration and lots of fun on the path to loving how you look and feel!


*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or nutritionist, so food and meal suggestions are based on a knowledge of commonly-known principles of healthy eating that is available to the public, along with personal experience.  Your doctor can refer you to a certified nutritionist that you can consult with regarding nutrition.