To help you feel good about yourself,
love the way you look and feel, have confidence, and realize that
you have the power to create the body and life you want.

It's simple:

It's not just abut how good you look in your bathing suit when you're on vacation, or how many heads you turn at your reunion.

There are two things that break my heart when it comes to fitness:


  1. Adults aren't living fully in many areas of their lives because of the way they feel about their bodies and what their bodies can and can't do;

  2. Kids are becoming more and more overweight and developing health issues, despite the fact that we have more information than ever about how to control weight.

I teach how to transform your body and mind so you don't feel held back in life.

I teach that:

  • You can love the way you look

  • You can love the way it feels to be in your own body

  • Your self-esteem can soar: You can feel positive and optimistic and excited about what you can accomplish

  • You can feel like, "Come on world, gi'me what you got!" because you'll feel strong when you start making changes to your lifestyle

  • Kids are both going hungry and becoming overweight and obese.  I help kids learn how to take care of their bodies by teaching them to eat right and get moving

Through conferences, events and individual businesses, I teach people how to make it happen.

You can have the body you want.

I'll show you how to make it happen.