Everyone wants to be happy.  And no one wants cranky, apathetic employees -- especially in customer-facing positions.  Unhappy employees mean higher employee turnover rates and costs, lower customer satisfaction, and more struggle with meeting sales numbers.

In this fascinating and fun interactive workshop, Nanci teaches your audience what happiness is and why it's important in the workplace.  Using the latest research and case studies Nanci introduces new concepts about workplace culture and explains how happiness puts us in the right mindset for success at work.  Attendees will participate in activities and interaction that will teach them how to deliver amazing customer experiences, how to resolve conflicts and how to avoid the stress and burnout that lead to being unhappy at work.


The outcome:  Your audience will take away proven strategies that will improve their level of happiness and their job performance.

Format:         Full-Day Workshop

Location:      Your business location


Perfect For:  All staff at all levels, including Administrative & Clerical, Sales, Marketing, Creative Teams, IT, Customer Relations, Operations, Executives




Get Ready to Learn:


  • What happiness is, what it isn't and why happiness matters in the workplace

  • What "company culture" is

  • What are your company's values and how they can use them

  • 5 foundational aspects of company culture

  • The secret weapon to connecting with customers with every interaction

  • How to develop emotional and social intelligence -- and how it leads to happier workplaces

  • Healthy vs. unhealthy stress -- and how to use healthy stress to your advantage

  • How to resolve issues in constructive and creative ways

  • How embracing company culture can lead to career success

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