Studies show that ____% of employees aren’t engaged with their work.  That means: they don’t go out of their way, they don’t give it their all.  Employees who aren't engaged also call in sick and quit more frequently – which increases the time and money you spend on hiring and training.  They’re also less productive, and provide the kind of forgettable customer service that keeps customers from returning to your business.  All of this negatively impacts your organization’s reputation and results.

Using research, case studies and a variety of activities and exercises, Nanci will help you define your vision for your organization.  With reflection on current processes and policies, you’ll determine what specific results you'd like to see, and design a plan for creating a culture that produces the business you envision: Successful…growing…running smoothly…making money.

​The outcome: You’ll understand why having an engaged workforce is critical to the success of your organization.  You'll also create a plan for transforming your organization's culture to achieve the results you envision. 

Format:        Full-Day Workshop

Location:      Your business location


Perfect For:  Anyone in a leadership position who wants to inspire and motivate your teams to perform at their full potential; wants your people to deliver amazing experiences, with each and every customer interaction; and who wants to create a culture where everyone is focused on performing to reach -- or surpass -- the goals of the organization 




Get Ready to Learn:


  • What "culture" is and why it's critical for small- and medium-sized businesses

  • Why employee happiness matters

  • How to define your company mission and values

  • 5 aspects of creating your culture

  • How to stop wasting time and money on the continuous "hire - train - fire" cycle

  • How to create delirious fan customers who rave about you to the world -- online and off

  • Why every employee should get the same training -- no matter what their title

  • Why your "incentives" might actually be working against you 

  • And more!


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